Bukavu: more than 400 houses burned in Nyalukemba fire (neighborhood chief)

More than 400 houses went up in smoke on the avenues Irambo 1st and Weighing in Nyalukemba district in Ibanda commune, this Friday, August 17, 2018 at the beginning of the evening.
It is the neighborhood chief who delivers this first assessment to Laprunellerdc.info.
De Kurasa says that in addition to these charred houses, more than 500 households are on the street and families spend the night under the stars without any assistance.
The district chief says he is not able to give any human assessment but fears that the situation is even more complicated than the evening.
He calls for help from the government and people of good will to alleviate the suffering of those families affected by this tragedy who have lost all their property. He also deplores the loss of property stolen by some people who have yet come to the rescue of the victims.
He also thanks the young people and residents of the neighborhood for their efforts; the town hall and the Monusco for their anti-fire vehicles which intervened to stop the progression of this fire whose origin remains unknown.
This fire broke out after another that had ravaged nearly 50 houses on the same avenue two years ago.
Fires have become recurrent in the city of Bukavu. Public authorities are still criticized in the management of these.